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The rapid advancements in the field of technology have drastically changed our lives. The tasks, which seemed impossible a day before, are just an innovation away. Music industry to has witnessed boundless revolutions in terms of the way we share, discover and listen to compositions. At times, while sitting in a café, a song resonates through the air. You ask your friends if they have heard about the song, but seemingly, they have no clue. The sensation that song initiated, makes you crave for it and you wonder What Song is This? You google it, use voice search, but all in vain. Your search fails to click with any results on the engines.

For the next few hours, that song resonates through your senses too, and all you can think of is a link to the song, and absorb the music to your nerves and heart. Guess what? People do exist with similar issues. No one is cloaked from this yearning. To overcome the problem of “What’s this song” I have compiled a list of several song identifier apps and web-based applications. Let’s have a look.

Find What Song is This? What’s The Name of This?

With ongoing development in the software industry, Intelligence talking bots could help you to identify the name of the song. Here, you don’t need any music App or web platform to identify the name of the song. If you got Android, iOS or Windows then get ready for some inbuilt method that you smartphones have.

Android is powered by Google voice search, while iOS has the well known SIRI and Windows has just joined the league with the awesome Cortana. Let’s check out the method to Find and identify the name of the song playing in your music list.

1. Name That Song In Android

Google voice search has evolved as a powerful tool in a few years. Now it’s more accurate and fun to use. Remember, there may be some geographic limitation on the type of searching query you are making. Voice search for music is only limited to the USA and has not been rolled out for the entire world.

How To Start Music Search In Android?

The basic method remains the same. All you need to do is, Ok Google, What song is this? Now let Google solve this riddle for you.

With the latest update, there is no need to speak out any command. Just play the music and tap on mic icon on Google search. Google will listen the sound and bring out the perfect result for your query.

2. What’s This Song In iOS

Apple is applauded for its hardware and software quality. The perfection with they design and create gadgets is known to everyone.  Siri is one such masterpiece from Apple. This talking bot is way too accurate as human. iOS 8 has inbuilt music search engine powered by Shazam, well-known music identifying platform. iOS users need not install any third party App for finding the name of the song.

How To Start Music Search & Identification In iOS

Having iOS, you must familiar on how to open and use Siri. A simple command will do the trick. Speak out,  “Hey Siri, What song is this ?” Or “What song is playing” and let Siri do the work for you. It’ll fetch all necessary details like the name of the song, music director and Singer. Also, not to forget, It fetches you iTunes download links of that song.

3. What’s The Name of The Song In Windows

I was of the perception that windows are only good for their Operating system. They proved me wrong and it’s clear, why they are called giants of the software market. Windows released their intelligent personal assistance known as Cortana. An impressive move to make their stakes more firm in the world market.

How To start Music Search & Identification In Windows

Cortana is similar to Google Voice search and Siri. Unlike Google search, Cortana needs instruction to work upon. Similar to Siri, speak out, Hey Cortana, What song is this?, What is this song or similar to this. Windows also had Zune music search but that’s part of history and not working on new platforms.

Why Above Method Fails?

No doubt, these software piece has gotten way smarter than a human being but the there boundary of operation is huge. There is always a margin of errors and few of those are mentioned below :

1. Our surrounding is flooding with lots of noises. Be it, fan, Air conditioner, or machine. Mixing of sound is a confusing task to identify. It makes it hard to find the name of the music in such a condition.

2. Software limitation. Many of these inbuilt features are being supported on a higher version of Android, iOS, and Windows. If you are using outdated one then hard luck.

3. Country limitations. Google voice search for music is only limited to the USA only. Those living outside the US need to find some other options.

Every damn problem comes with a solid hidden solution. Here we’ve found those music gems which will let you to find What Song is This?

App To Find The Name of That Song


Developer: Apple, Inc.
Price: Free
  • Shazam Screenshot
  • Shazam Screenshot

SHAZAM is amongst the premium music identifier apps. This app needs no introduction for its native interface and robust performance. All you need to do is bring the phone near the source of the music, and it will yield the name of the song along with the artist’s details. Additionally, the discography and the biography of the artist is also accessible on this app. After identifying the song, you can purchase or listen to it on several third-party apps, namely, Amazon, YouTube, Rdio, iTunes, and Spotify.

SHAZAM offers two different plans for its users and you can opt for the desired plan as per your usage and convenience.

Free Version: Songs can be identified to a maximum limit of 5 per month. However, the music which it fails to identify is not a count for the limit.

Paid Version: SHAZAM offers best in class features for this version. It garners unlimited searches and app usage with a seamless experience across all platforms with a single account. It can be upgraded for $4.99 per month.

Check Music Download Apps To Find Any Song

2. Musixmatch

Musixmatch Songtexte
Musixmatch Songtexte
Developer: Musixmatch
Price: Free+
  • Musixmatch Songtexte Screenshot
  • Musixmatch Songtexte Screenshot

When you have probably the world’s largest lyrics catalogue at your service, no song seems indifferent or unknown. You can listen to your favourite track from the phone’s library with synced lyrics. Additionally, if somewhere a song is playing around, just tap to identify the music in the app. You would be garnered with every intricate detail of the composition along with lyrics synced with the song.

With its compatibility across different platforms, and its HTML5 built, this app is one of the favourites for the task of music identification. This service comes free of cost with no additional in-app purchases.

3. SoundHound

Another powerful app for users that enables search, and identify the name of the song playing around. SoundHound is available for download on almost all popular platforms. Be it iOS, Android, Blackberry or your Windows phone, this app can be installed for free on any of the devices. If you have a song in your mind, with little or no lyrics at disposal, just hum the melody to the app, and the few lyrics you can recall, and you SoundHound would harvest you the results instantaneously.

Its meticulously designed user interface ensures a seamless experience for searching the music, and later on, either share it social networking sites or save the tags in case you wish to hear the same composition later.

4. MusicID

Price: Free
  • MusicID Screenshot
  • MusicID Screenshot

MusicID is another cross-platform app available for song lyrics identification and music recognition. As the name suggests, it can deliver instant results for all those quirky sudden chirps of the song. This $3 iPhone app boasts of more than 28 million songs rich database accessible to its users. It works with recorded music similar to SHAZAM. With its immensely inbuilt powerful search engine, it offers rapid search results. If you are in the United States, there is no need of even downloading the software or the app.

Just dial #43 on with your AT&T or Virgin subscription and hold it next to the audio source. You will get an SMS in return with the song’s details.

5. Midomi

Midomi is one of the unique web offerings which can identify songs from different sources, be it a speaker, a live concert or some random humming. It boasts of a really interactive database through a contribution from its society of music lovers and contributors. Using its web interface, you can hum or sing the song to it, and you will be garnered with multiple search results. It has an ultimate music search engine which proposes prompt results whatever be the source of the sound. Midomi is absolutely free for its web-based application. Additionally, you can download the app for different platforms. Just “Click”, “Sing” and “Done”, and the music will play readily to your ears.

6. WatZatSong

Developer: WatZatSong
Price: To be announced
  • WatZatSong Screenshot
  • WatZatSong Screenshot

At times, even the best of the AI fails to identify the music. Be it identifier sites, or next-gen apps, or your very own Google Now or Siri, absolutely none of them is of any assistance for the event. The best resort to seeking out is to consult an online community of the song. WatZatSong is one such social site which lets you upload a sample with little or no details, and ask its online community for results. The results won’t be spontaneous but, it will garner you with the song’s name sooner or later. With added feasibility of cross-posting, other social networks can be of assistance in the identification.

7. Musipedia

Musipedia, derives its elegance from Wikipedia, and as the name suggests, is one pit stop for different genres. Although it works best for classical music, other songs can be found with the similar melody just by humming the tune to the web application. Searches can be initiated by playing it on the virtual piano offered on the site, or by whistling the melody through any microphone. At the blink of an eye, relevant results will show up. Additionally, songs even with a similar melody would be featured in the search results.

8. AudioTag

AudioTag is one of those simpler music identification software. The online recognition software can be of real value if you possess a short audio clip or the complete song. It is the best resort if you can record an audio snippet on your phone and upload it to the site. You can also specify the direct URL to the audio file for uploading hassles. With multiple third-party linkups, it is really easy to share the search results on different platforms.

9. FolkTuneFinder

This search engine is probably the most reliable one if your search is centered on folk music. It has crawler which crawls the web for tunes in ABC notation format. It also sums as a research tool and a tune book too, according to your requirement. All you need to do is type in a few notes of the song you remember. If you don’t know how to read music sheets, no worries, it readily searches across different keys. You can even start your search results and save them for later. Being the perfect music research tool, it garners ample information related to a search result, which can be accessed free of cost.

10. MelodyCatcher

MelodyCatcher is one of those archetypal music search engines which offer unique methodologies for a query. It uses Java applets for its patented search technology. With judicious use of the browser’s features and JavaScript implementation for a better user interface, it can presumably be termed as the perfect search engine. It uses cookies for storing your recent searches, ensuring you can get back to them later.

Software To Find What’s This Song

1. Tunatic

Tunatic is a free desktop application to find the name of the song in Windows and MAC PC. This free utility software allows you to search the music you are were looking for. Just plug your microphone and let tunatic hear the music. It’s will request a server to search for the similar tune and return the result. Though it’s a desktop application it does require an internet connection to interact with the server.

These mobile apps and web-based applications are diversified in their contributions. Be it SHAZAM or SoundHound, they are really well built for a seamless experience. MusixMatch on the other hand, offers a vast, readily updating the database of lyrics. The web-based applications feature music identification programs across diversified genre. Hence, these applications ensure you never miss the song to your heart.

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